Successful response teams are trained, equipped, and compliant. With frustrating requirements constantly expiring at different times, BrigadeIQ intelligently analyzes your ERT team's data for compliance "blind spots" and identifies pending lapses in real-time.


NFPA and OSHA both require documentation of required facility brigade and ERT training, must be accessible for inspection, and inspected annually. BrigadeIQ reduces the hassle of burdensome training records. Comprehensive training records are available real-time and on-the-go.

Job Performance

Whether your emergency response team consists of firefighters, medical responders, hazmat specialists, confined space rescue technicians or all of the above; BrigadeIQ tracks all the associated OSHA and NFPA qualification requirements to ensure your individual ERT members are properly trained to the required standards.


For facility administrators conducting training at one or more locations, managing instructor qualifications and credentials of those teaching your ERT is easy using our Instructor Management component. Administrative Instructors can even create their own specific training requirements for specialized qualifications.


BrigadeIQ tracks ERT member attendance, required qualification courses, and automatically creates certificates for students that successfully complete registered training courses. This key module also automatically connects the classroom to compliance requirements for facilities, as well as the individual ERT members themselves.


Industrial facilities that oversee Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) are required to provide training based on the scope of their duties. BrigadeIQ ensures your facility management team is aware of those specific employer facility requirements based specifically on the duties expected of your ERT.


Facilities managing emergency response teams, the risk of negative consequences is simply too great to ignore. BrigadeIQ intelligently connects compliance records to identify gaps before they become violations.

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Intelligent Compliance

BrigadeIQ tracks all the frustrating compliance requirements for Emergency Response Teams to ensure facilities have met all the qualification requirements.

BrigadeIQ also tracks individual annual medical clearance dates, respiratory fit testing dates, participation in required facility drills and job performance requirements required

by members participating in Emergency Response duties. Choose BrigadeIQ because the negative consequences of non-compliance are just too great to ignore! Do it today!

Intelligently Connecting Compliance.